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99 years old, mother of 6
Osteoporosis - Feb 2004

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The Giant nut and the Nut Cracker

About 100 kilometers south of city of Manila lies the single largest coconut production facility in a 13-hectare sprawling coconut plantation. Complete with its very own hospital, recreational facilities and manager's residences, this coconut production facility that could continues to
generate jobs and put the little town of Candelaria, Barrio Pahinga, Quezon Province, in the global map.

Contrary to its name, this coconut town never sleeps. With 60 years of manufacturing experience in anything and everything that can be made from coconuts, Peter Paul Philippine Corporation, a purely Filipino managed company has grown to be the global supplier of choice by being the only ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified local supplier of coconut products. Desiccated coconut, coconut milk and cream, coconut water, copra, copra cake, coconut oil, paring cake, paring oil and other residual products' processing system all undergo rigid inspection and testing to ensure Product Quality Assurance. To date, Peter Paul products are seen in all major markets such as North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, supplying established named brands: Hershey, Cadbury, Mars, Nabisco, Nestle, Nissin and Quaker Oats.

Peter Paul management led by Mr. Joey Quimson, President, is not resting on these laurels. The latest quality product to come off their shelves, known as the "Healthiest Oil on Earth", is the Pure and Clear Virgin Coconut Oil. Touting that having a strong immune system is the surest way to health. Pure and Clear is processed only under strictly hygienic conditions to guarantee that all the (delete enzymes) lauric acid and other immune building nutrients are retained . "Lauric acid", the oil's magic ingredient, is identical to a special group of fats found in the human breast milk, discovered to be an energy booster, which aids in weight loss, in the reduction of the risk of cancer and heart disease and in the prevention of osteoporosis and premature aging.

Having the largest single production facility, Peter Paul's Pure and Clear Virgin Coconut Oil is distributed to all leading supermarkets in the country starting with the 24 branches of SM Supermarkets nationwide, including South supermarket in Alabang, Malolos, Pasig and Pioneer Center, SIKAT Pinoy Multipurpose Cooperative, Connies Kitchen, Makati Supermarket, Liberty Duty Free, Johnny's Pampanga and Medman Convenient Store.

The "miracle oil" has proven that once again, the coconut is indeed a giant nut and that Peter Paul Philippine Corporation, is the giant nutcracker.